SQLSunrise® RemoteTune is a NEW service
These Companies already use SQLSunrise NavTune rejoicingly:

You feel your Dynamics NAV SQL Server database
is lacking important indexes?

With SQLSunrise RemoteTune you have needed indexes within a few hours. Via email, and for just 1 EUR per MB trace!

How does this work?

  • You will receive a trace procedure, together with a tiny manual,
    which you execute on your SQL Server.
  • You then return the trace output back to me
  • SQLSunrise AutoTune analyses your traces
  • Watch your inbox for the index script file to arrive
  • You execute the index on your server and smile.

In many cases you can also integrate these indexes with Dynamics NAV.
If any additional significancies are detected, you'll receive notice about them.

Your Advantages

  • extremly time saving
  • very low costs
  • a very effective outcome
  • and a real good feeling.

Any questions, or would you like this service straight away?

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